Friday, March 16, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 11

Can you believe it YOU MADE IT!!! We all made it!!! Give your self a pat on the back, you did not give up, you didnt not slack, you dealt with the good the bad and the ugly during this challenge but you made it.

I am very very proud of you all and everything you accomplished in these 11 weeks. Wow seriously Im still looking at it like really its over?!? This is not your official LAST update that will be on the 21st with your first post for the Triple S challenge (if you are joining) Please if you are interested in joining the Triple S challenge let me know before this challenge ends and follow the blog so you can get all the updates.

Again I can not express how happy and proud I am of all of you. You were the best first challenge participants ever :) I have to apologize for last week I was not able to comment on your blogs but I did read them and it looked like we all had one of those weeks :( But its ok because we moved on and kept going. We all fall back or dont have the weeks we want but thats a part of weigh loss. It happen we are human and as long as we are alive that scale is going to continue to go up and down. Just do not give up!!!

I look forward to seeing everyones progress this week I hope everyone did great!!! I need to hear good news after my last 2 weeks. Good luck all and I hope to see you on the Triple S!!!

Also has anyone noticed this nice ticker/countdown to spring is wrong lol def have more than 3 days left not many more but its off and I just now realized :-/

Thursday, March 8, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 10

Its been another week and only one week left. ONE!!! Then its "On to the next one, On to the next one" lol. Please leave me a comment on here or your blog if you want to join in for the next challenge or not.

I hope everyone had an awesome week and are getting closer to that goal.You all have been wonderful!! I am def looking forward to rooting you all on in the next challenge (if you are participating). We are that much closer to our goal weight and that much closer to our sexy swimsuits wooot woooot :)

So since this is the last week before posting our final post I say lets work our butts off lets try to make them lbs count. LETS SHOW THE SCALE WHOS BOSS ON MORE TIME THIS CHALLENGE!!! Lets scare it so it knows what it needs to do next time haha.

Well thats enough of me being amped up I need to save everything for my last and final Welcome spring post *Tears* I hope all went well this week and Lets do this!!! Lets all have a great last week. TTYL and good luck!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 9

WOOOOOT WOOOOOT Week 9 already. 2 more weeks left. Wow! You all are slacking on the support side but I am glad to see you all are still updating and losing :) Good for you. Since there is only two weeks left and of course our final post I would like you all be more supportive to the others please!

Moving on I hope you all had a great week and are dropping them lbs still :) Getting some activity in and of course WATER!! lol Did any of you get your goal dress/outfit yet? I can not wait to see pics of you guys in a size you did not think you could pull off :) Its going to feel great and look awesome. I love before and after pics a number doesnt justify what you really lost like a picture does.

Im going to leave this link up with a sweet to the point blog. I have to pick up my little girly from her field trip. Heres to another great week!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 8

We are now on week eight and only 3 weeks left after sunday. WOW!! We have all came so far, had some challenges, did not get to where we wanted to be (cough me cough) but got damn close. We fought a hard long fight and we conquered it. We lost weight and did not give up. Nope not once!! We all stuck it out and hopefully are proud of what we achieved so far. I know in the next challenge (if you are joining) we are going to kick some lbs again. You get to make your own goal loss this time its not planned so lose lose lose!!! I can not wait theres something about looking sexy in a swimsuit that seems so far away to me but I will do it and can do it!!!

Also One question of you all. Please Please Please dont forget about the other challengers. Everyone joined for support and I have noticed I was the only one this week who took time out to comment and show you all that. Thanks so much!!

So how has everyones week gone? I hope wonderful! I have had some minor issues which I hope are gone and over with now but other than that great. For some reason this week I have been OOOOOBERLY happy lol. I have a new outlook on things (this week at least) haha. Every day you wake up you go brush your teeth get dressed and go about your day. Well this week I said screw this Im adding some important things to this "routine" So I wanted to share this with you all and maybe it will brighten your days up a little bit too.
So heres my routine....
~wake up
~brush my teeth
~put my make up on
~get dressed(In a nice outfit,not fancy but nice, no matter where I am going) I believe what you wear makes you feel a certain way. If you dress nice and feel sexy in the clothes than you look and feel sexy too :)

~ Look in the mirror and admire something about myself (yes anything) Little comments or noticing things you love about yourself and saying wow I have beautiful eyes or I look skinny today changes your mood too. I even put a little sticky note up on my mirror or write in lipstick YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!Or my new favorite...

~go downstairs to make myself something for breakfast which will consist of a multi vitamin, fruit, water, and what ever I make. (I feel the vitamins and the vitamin and nutrients from fruit is a mood lifter)
~ I dont let things bother me too much (if I can help it) Laughing is better than getting mad

I also take pictures more often with me in them (WOW right? lol) and I point out my pluses not negatives.

This is just the little somethings I do everyday to make myself smile to make myself feel "sexy" and to make my mood happy.
I did leave one thing out though I stay away from a**holes and fake people. They are the ones that set my moods off.... so I try to completely do with out them, if possible.

I hope some of you try these little uplifters and I hope they do wonders. I thought this was the appropriate place to share them. I cant wait to see everyones success this week and read your lovely comments. Good luck this week all and sorry about this long link up blog.

Friday, February 17, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 7

We are getting there slowly but surely... well in my case very fast. Where did these 6 weeks go?
I hope everyone had a great week and a great valentines day. Hopefully our scales dont show how good of a time we had LOL especially me since I had vday and my bday within two days of eachother ughh we shall see tomorrow.

Sorry Im late for the link up and that this is short but Im so sleepy completely lost track of what day of the week it was sad I know.

Well ladies can not wait to read your posts and I hope everyone has a great week 7!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 6

And it keeps on moving... Week six here we are. 5 weeks behind us and how many pounds? You all are doing absolutely fantabulous lol You have successfully stuck it out for 5 weeks... well now 6 and your still going strong. Give yourself a big pat on the back look at your numbers again and get that big grin back on your face. You deserve it!!!!

38 more days, 5 week and a couple days to go. WOW!! Thats all til the first day of spring. REALLY!!! geesh I know My next challenge will fly on by then.

I am sorry for the lack of support I gave this week. I have been miss little sicky poo over here. Been here since saturday ughhh!!! I am finally starting to feel a little better hopefully by tomorrow we will have the 100% :)

Thank you all for updating on time and for supporting each other. I hope it continues. We are almost there! Its amazing how fast time goes isnt it? Well I hope everybody had another great week and I can not wait to read up on what you have done and how your weigh ins went. Heres to yet another great week!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Link Up Week 5

Boy oh Boy time is flying and pounds are dropping. If you were going to add a pic so you could see your progress you might want to do it soon we only have 46 more days!!! which is a little over 6 weeks. I am so proud of you ladies!!! Everyone has done great so far and have been awesome support to fellow challengers. I love having small groups of challengers it so much easier to get to everyone, support everyone, and cheer them on with out leaving one out by accident. You guys have been a truly amazing group so far and I hope you join my next challenge (yes my next challenge that will start after this one :) )

So what are you going to do differently this week to up your weight loss? With 6 weeks left I am raising up my exercise time and getting on the ball. I WILL make it to 30 or damn close to it. And I know you all will get to you challenge goals too. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

If you are doing the exercise challenges still I left them the same for the past couple weeks so now is the time to up it.So we had it before as 30 mins day one 40 day two 50 day three and 1 hr day four. Well Im going to make it more time but an easier way to do it for you. That was a total of three hours for the week. This week I am asking you to try for four hour a week or more if you would like, in 5 days or five hours total in 7 days. Your pick. Please if you are doing this let me know which option you are going to take in your update for this week and how you are going to go about doing it. These goals are not written in stone so you can change them just try to get them exercises/AP's in.

Just a nice quote to leave you with. Good luck ladies. I hope you all had a great week and have an awesome weigh in!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FDOS Challenge Link Up Week 4

Week four wow 3 weeks are already past us only a few weeks left ( a little over 7) and we will be more fit, healthy, and lighter. WOOOHOOOOO!!! Can you believe it though we only have 53 more days until the first day of spring? Time really goes by toooooo fast.

Moving on....I dont know if anyone is really following the exercise part so I am not going to change it up until I know for sure. I need to hear back from people so I know if I should keep it the same up it or do away with it all together. Lets just keep exercising in general. our bodies need it.

I hope everyones week went good and I cant wait to hear from you all. Good luck for week 4. LETS DO THIS LADIES!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Link up WEEK 3

I dont know what was going on but for some reason I my link up was not allowing people to add their link on the previous post. So this is the link up for week three and it will stay open until monday just incase someone needs an extra day now. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you tay for letting me know there was issues.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FDOS Challenge Week 3

Can you believe it? Week three already! 8 more weeks to go and we will all be 20+ lbs less or at least healthier. How far have you come already? Did you have any great weigh in or successes you want to brag about NSV's if so be sure to add it on your update or comment with it on this page, we all would love to hear from you.

Did anyone join in the exercise part of this challenge? If so make sure to write about it in your update. We are going to keep the work out close to the same but now it will be Day 1: 40 mins Day 2: 50 mins Day 3: 1 hr Day 4: 1 hr 10 mins

Thats not that bad right?? If you think its too fast feel free to keep it at 30, 40, 50, 60. Just remember to raise the time next week. Eventually the times will stop going up, and remember you do not need to do the time all at once it can be split up into different exercise and/or different times of the day. Good luck!!

Also we did not lose a person Brittany is going on vacation and says she will update as soon as she gets back. Lets wish her luck on the trip and hope she still loses.

The link up as always will be open at midnight tonight thru midnight on sunday(well monday depending on how you look at it lol) Good luck to all of you at your weigh ins and I hope everyone has a great 3rd week!! Also lets make sure we post weight in every update please. Thanks.

And the quote of the week to get us going is......

Friday, January 13, 2012

Link up for second post

Well we have reached week 2 congrats girlies we are getting it done and done right!!! Sorry I was a couple hours late on doing this did not mean to mess up anyone. I wrote a post earlier saying I was going to add an exercise challenge in here for this week This does not need to be followed. This is completely up to you, if you chose not to join don't no hard feelings.

okay so here it is.... The goal is to exercise 4 days this week. Your week starts the day you update. The first day you do the exercise of your choice for 30 mins second day 40 mins third day 50 mins and the fourth day for an hour. This does not have to be all in one workout feel free to break it up. If the numbers are too high try it if you don't make it at least it got you moving right?

so lets do this!! Let's kick the scales butt this week. Let's show or bodies who is boss. Good luck all!! Here's to another great week!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2nd week almost down

With the second week almost done and over I see we have 68 days left. 68 Thats all....This give us a little over 9 weeks to get these lbs off. My goal was to reach 30 lbs by march 21st so considering I have lost 5.6 lbs already I would have to lose close to 3 lbs a week. I dont think this will happen but I plan on getting real close to that number. What were your goals? Are they realistic? Did you set down and see where your at and where you need to be in 9 weeks yet. If not you may want to I just noticed I need to step it up, put my butt in gear and try try to make this happen. WE CAN DO THIS!!! WE ALL CAN!!! Lets all kick it up a notch lets try to exercise more and get to them goals as far away as they sound.

Im thinking about adding in a challenge for next week if anyone is interested. This IS NOT mandatory, this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. I am going to add an exercise challenge. I need the kick in the butt and Im sure some of you might too. Let me know if you want to join in and I will include the details with the link up this friday-sunday. Thanks!! Lets all have a great active day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank You!!

Thanks to everyone for posting their first posts in time for submission. I appreciate it!! Lets hope next week goes just as good... well with everyones post being finished too.

Lets try to stay active this week and track our points calories etc all week. I hope we have great weigh ins next week as lots of us did to start out. Im am happy you all joined and I am here if you have any questions, need support, or just need to talk. Also if you have any ideas on something you might want to be in the challenge please feel free to let me know.

Thanks again. Heres to a great week!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Link up for first post

Link up is now open for your first post it is open today thru Sunday. Please link up on post labeled first post!! The link is at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about how to link up please let me know. Can't wait to see where everyone is starting :) good luck everyone and please try not to be late this gives us three days.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First post!!

When you post your first post make sure to lable it as first day of spring or FDOS first update and then FDOS update every other week which you can include the date if you wish I always do. The rules are on the first post on this page but incase you didnt see them here they are again

1) Start with an opening blog with your starting weight, your weight loss goals, exercises you plan to do during this challenge, how you are going to lose weight(for ex. weight watchers calorie count etc.) and a before pic. If you would like you can post an outfit you would like to fit into also this may help out with seeing a difference in before and after pics.

2) Update Weekly. Let us know whats been going on, your ups and downs and struggles.

3) Be there for others. This is why I am only allowing a few people so we all can motivate and support each other. Busy life would make this hard to do if there are lots of challengers.

4) In every update make sure that you post your original weight and current weight. If you would like you can also add how much more you have to go.

5) DO NOT GIVE UP OR QUIT!!! If theres a problem and you can not update please let me know.

Other than that  Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

First post must be posted by Sunday the 8th  but can be posted before then. Please include the link to your blog under the link up when submission is available. Thanks!!