Thursday, January 19, 2012

FDOS Challenge Week 3

Can you believe it? Week three already! 8 more weeks to go and we will all be 20+ lbs less or at least healthier. How far have you come already? Did you have any great weigh in or successes you want to brag about NSV's if so be sure to add it on your update or comment with it on this page, we all would love to hear from you.

Did anyone join in the exercise part of this challenge? If so make sure to write about it in your update. We are going to keep the work out close to the same but now it will be Day 1: 40 mins Day 2: 50 mins Day 3: 1 hr Day 4: 1 hr 10 mins

Thats not that bad right?? If you think its too fast feel free to keep it at 30, 40, 50, 60. Just remember to raise the time next week. Eventually the times will stop going up, and remember you do not need to do the time all at once it can be split up into different exercise and/or different times of the day. Good luck!!

Also we did not lose a person Brittany is going on vacation and says she will update as soon as she gets back. Lets wish her luck on the trip and hope she still loses.

The link up as always will be open at midnight tonight thru midnight on sunday(well monday depending on how you look at it lol) Good luck to all of you at your weigh ins and I hope everyone has a great 3rd week!! Also lets make sure we post weight in every update please. Thanks.

And the quote of the week to get us going is......

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