Thursday, January 26, 2012

FDOS Challenge Link Up Week 4

Week four wow 3 weeks are already past us only a few weeks left ( a little over 7) and we will be more fit, healthy, and lighter. WOOOHOOOOO!!! Can you believe it though we only have 53 more days until the first day of spring? Time really goes by toooooo fast.

Moving on....I dont know if anyone is really following the exercise part so I am not going to change it up until I know for sure. I need to hear back from people so I know if I should keep it the same up it or do away with it all together. Lets just keep exercising in general. our bodies need it.

I hope everyones week went good and I cant wait to hear from you all. Good luck for week 4. LETS DO THIS LADIES!!!


  1. Sorry guys I have no idea whats going on with this link up every week it seems to be different :( at least it works though right?

  2. Oh poo...I missed the link up!

    Here is my blog! Hope everyone is still going strong and believing in themselves!

  3. Thats ok thanks for letting me know and thanks for posting it under here.