Friday, February 10, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 6

And it keeps on moving... Week six here we are. 5 weeks behind us and how many pounds? You all are doing absolutely fantabulous lol You have successfully stuck it out for 5 weeks... well now 6 and your still going strong. Give yourself a big pat on the back look at your numbers again and get that big grin back on your face. You deserve it!!!!

38 more days, 5 week and a couple days to go. WOW!! Thats all til the first day of spring. REALLY!!! geesh I know My next challenge will fly on by then.

I am sorry for the lack of support I gave this week. I have been miss little sicky poo over here. Been here since saturday ughhh!!! I am finally starting to feel a little better hopefully by tomorrow we will have the 100% :)

Thank you all for updating on time and for supporting each other. I hope it continues. We are almost there! Its amazing how fast time goes isnt it? Well I hope everybody had another great week and I can not wait to read up on what you have done and how your weigh ins went. Heres to yet another great week!!!

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  1. Here I go with my late self again Kim.. Sorry I was having internet issues: Here's my link: