Thursday, March 8, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 10

Its been another week and only one week left. ONE!!! Then its "On to the next one, On to the next one" lol. Please leave me a comment on here or your blog if you want to join in for the next challenge or not.

I hope everyone had an awesome week and are getting closer to that goal.You all have been wonderful!! I am def looking forward to rooting you all on in the next challenge (if you are participating). We are that much closer to our goal weight and that much closer to our sexy swimsuits wooot woooot :)

So since this is the last week before posting our final post I say lets work our butts off lets try to make them lbs count. LETS SHOW THE SCALE WHOS BOSS ON MORE TIME THIS CHALLENGE!!! Lets scare it so it knows what it needs to do next time haha.

Well thats enough of me being amped up I need to save everything for my last and final Welcome spring post *Tears* I hope all went well this week and Lets do this!!! Lets all have a great last week. TTYL and good luck!!!

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  1. Hello Ladies It's been a longggg week sorry I'm late. Here's my link: