Friday, March 16, 2012

FDOS Link Up Week 11

Can you believe it YOU MADE IT!!! We all made it!!! Give your self a pat on the back, you did not give up, you didnt not slack, you dealt with the good the bad and the ugly during this challenge but you made it.

I am very very proud of you all and everything you accomplished in these 11 weeks. Wow seriously Im still looking at it like really its over?!? This is not your official LAST update that will be on the 21st with your first post for the Triple S challenge (if you are joining) Please if you are interested in joining the Triple S challenge let me know before this challenge ends and follow the blog so you can get all the updates.

Again I can not express how happy and proud I am of all of you. You were the best first challenge participants ever :) I have to apologize for last week I was not able to comment on your blogs but I did read them and it looked like we all had one of those weeks :( But its ok because we moved on and kept going. We all fall back or dont have the weeks we want but thats a part of weigh loss. It happen we are human and as long as we are alive that scale is going to continue to go up and down. Just do not give up!!!

I look forward to seeing everyones progress this week I hope everyone did great!!! I need to hear good news after my last 2 weeks. Good luck all and I hope to see you on the Triple S!!!

Also has anyone noticed this nice ticker/countdown to spring is wrong lol def have more than 3 days left not many more but its off and I just now realized :-/

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