Friday, December 30, 2011

Lose 20+ Lbs Or Make Goal By The First Day Of Spring 2012

Okay so I created a Challenge on weight watchers and I am opening it up over here If you would like to join please comment with why you would like to join and what your weight loss goals are for 2012. I am going to allow a few people in so we can keep up with each other as much as possible and be the best motivation and support possible. So here are the rules:

1) Start with an opening blog with your starting weight, your weight loss goals, exercises you plan to do during this challenge, how you are going to lose weight(for ex. weight watchers calorie count etc.) and a before pic. If you would like you can post an outfit you would like to fit into also this may help out with seeing a difference in before and after pics.

2) Update Weekly. Let us know whats been going on, your ups and downs and struggles.

3) Be there for others. This is why I am only allowing a few people so we all can motivate and support each other. Busy life would make this hard to do if there are lots of challengers.

4) In every update make sure that you post your original weight and current weight. If you would like you can also add how much more you have to go.

5) DO NOT GIVE UP OR QUIT!!! If theres a problem and you can not update please let me know.

Other than that  Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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